Things to know about hoboken street cleaning

Attention hoboken street cleaning all Hoboken residents! Are you tired of scrambling to move your car for street cleaning day? Confused about the parking regulations and fines associated with it? Look no further because we have compiled a comprehensive guide on all things Hoboken Street Cleaning. From schedules to tips and tricks, this post has got you covered. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and read on to become an expert on navigating the streets of Hoboken during street cleaning season.

Street cleaning in Hoboken

Hoboken street cleaning services are provided by the Hoboken Department of Public Works. The department employs a team of street cleaners who clean designated blocks and sidewalks in the city on a weekly basis.

Street cleaning in Hoboken is primarily focused on removing debris such as leaves, flyers, and buckets from the sidewalks. In addition, the street cleaners are responsible for sweeping any dirt or debris that may have accumulated over time. Street cleaning is also conducted in response to complaints from residents about excessive litter or graffiti.

To make sure that your block is scheduled for cleaning, please call 311 or click here to submit a request online. Street cleaning will not occur if there are no leaves or debris present on the ground surface.

What is street cleaning and why does it need to be done?

Street cleaning is a necessary task in Hoboken, NJ to keep the city clean and tidy. It helps reduce the amount of litter and debris that accumulates on the streets, making them less inviting for pedestrians and motorists. Street cleaning also helps improve air quality by removing pollutants from the atmosphere.

The City of Hoboken contracts with a private company to provide street cleaning services. The contractor uses a variety of equipment, including vacuum trucks, brooms, mops and buckets, to clean the streets. In addition to cleaning the streets, the contractor also removes graffiti and other illegal activities from the public property.

The frequency of street cleaning depends on several factors, including weather conditions and how much trash has accumulated on the streets. Approximately one sweep per week is typical in most parts of Hoboken.

How is street cleaning done in Hoboken?

Streets in Hoboken are cleaned by a team of sanitation workers using high-pressure water hoses. The Clean Team is made up of three operators: the Junior Operator, the Lead Operator and the Chief Operator. Street sweeping is done on a rotating basis, with each block undergoing cleaning once every other week. In order to ensure thorough cleaning, all debris, such as leaves, tree limbs and large pieces of trash must be removed.

What are the pros and cons of street cleaning in Hoboken?

Hoboken’s street cleaning program was instituted in 1977 and has been conducted by the city every day except for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day. Street cleaning is an important part of Hoboken’s clean environment policy, as it helps to remove debris and litter from the streets, which can lead to public health issues like respiratory illness. Additionally, street cleaning can improve air quality in neighborhoods.

However, despite these benefits, some residents argue that street cleaning is a nuisance that causes traffic congestion and increases their trash disposal costs. Others believe that the program does not go far enough in removing large pieces of debris or waste from the streets. Some people also complain about how infrequently street cleaning occurs in certain parts of the city.


Hoboken street cleaning is an important service that keeps our city clean and safe. We have put together a few things you should know about the streets of Hoboken so that you can enjoy a clean environment without having to worry about the cleanup crew. From leaf pickup to vacuuming, we will take care of all the details so that your street looks great and functions smoothly.


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