5 situations when you must consult a family lawyer in Waterloo

If you are considering divorce and want to start the paperwork in Waterloo, you should ideally check the Iowa laws and find out more about residency requirements. No matter the circumstances surrounding your marriage, getting divorced can be a challenging decision with legal consequences. Below are five situations when you should consult a family lawyer waterloo.

You have a minor child

Unfortunately, child custody and who pays for child support become significant issues for couples who file for divorce. Both parties may want to retain the physical custody of the child, while in other cases, one party may refuse to pay for child support. It is often hard to take the right call, and your attorney can be your guiding force in such matters.

You have a high net worth

For someone who has worked extremely hard to make money, you don’t want to lose it all in a divorce. While marital assets are to be divided between spouses, there are exceptions. When you have a significant net worth and your wealth is at stake, you should meet an attorney to find the best ways to protect what you can.

Your spouse is threatening you

Domestic violence is a critical issue and must be addressed. If your spouse has tried to harm you or exhibited similar behavior in the past, you may want to know what steps you can take to protect yourself. Your lawyer is the best person to get an order, which may not prevent a crime but will certainly heighten the consequences.

You want spousal support

There are many factors, including the length of your marriage, your financial status during the marriage, and your current standard of living, which determine whether you can get alimony. If your spouse is cooperative, this may not be a big issue, but it is still essential to meet an attorney to understand the bigger picture.

You have a contested divorce

Contested divorces are complex and often go on for months or even years. When you and your spouse are unable to resolve issues, the matter will end up in court. With an attorney, you can consider mediation and find ways to get the divorce sooner. If you have to go for hearings, having a lawyer eases the stress and gives you the confidence to fight for your rights.

You can check online to find the best lawyers for divorces in Waterloo. Meet a few before choosing one.


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