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Are www igtools net story you looking for ways to increase your Instagram followers and engagement? Beware of websites promising quick and easy solutions. One such website is www.igtools.net, which claims to provide free Instagram followers and likes. However, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. In this blog post, we will expose the truth about igtools.net and how they scam unsuspecting users. Keep reading to learn more about their tactics and how to avoid falling victim to their schemes!

The website www.igtools.net is a scam

The website www.igtools.net claims to offer free Instagram followers and likes in exchange for nothing but a username. However, it is important to note that these “free” services come at a cost.

Upon entering your Instagram username on igtools.net, the website prompts you to complete a survey or download an app before providing any followers or likes. These surveys and apps often require personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, or even credit card details.

Even after completing these requirements, the followers and likes provided by igtools.net are usually fake accounts with no real engagement value. In some cases, using such services can lead to account suspension or termination due to violating Instagram’s terms of use.

It is essential to be cautious when trusting websites promising easy solutions for increasing your social media following. The truth is there are no shortcuts – building a genuine audience takes time and effort through creating quality content and engaging with other users in your niche.

Stay away from websites like igtools.net that promise quick fixes without transparency about their methods or consequences.

How the website works

The website www.igtools.net claims to be a tool for Instagram users, allowing them to increase their followers and likes on the platform. However, in reality, it is nothing more than a scam that lures unsuspecting users into providing their personal information and ultimately scams them out of money.

When you visit the website, you’ll see a simple interface that asks for your Instagram username and password. Once you enter this information, the site promises to boost your follower count with just one click. But what’s really happening behind the scenes?

The truth is that when you provide your login credentials to www.igtools.net, they are able to access your account without permission. This puts all of your personal data at risk – including photos, DMs and other sensitive information.

Furthermore, even if the site does manage to generate new followers or likes on your behalf (which is highly unlikely), these accounts are often fake or bot-generated – meaning they won’t engage with your content or help you grow organically.

It’s important to stay vigilant when using any third-party services on social media platforms like Instagram. Always do research beforehand and never give away sensitive information unless you’re absolutely sure it’s safe!

How to avoid being scammed

It’s important to be cautious when it comes to using Instagram automation tools, especially since there are websites like www.igtools.net that can scam you out of your money. Here are some tips on how to avoid being scammed:

1. Do your research: Before signing up for any website or service, make sure to do extensive research on the company and read reviews from other users.

2. Use reputable sources: Stick with well-known and established Instagram automation tools that have a proven track record of success.

3. Avoid shady deals: Be wary of any website that promises quick results or offers suspiciously low prices for their services.

4. Check for security measures: Make sure the website has proper security protocols in place such as SSL encryption and secure payment options.

5. Don’t share personal information: Never give out sensitive information such as your password or credit card details unless you’re absolutely certain it’s safe to do so.

By following these simple steps, you can avoid falling victim to scams and ensure that you’re using a legitimate Instagram automation tool that will help grow your account organically and safely without putting your personal information at risk.


To sum up, www.igtools.net is a scam website that promises to provide Instagram users with free likes, followers and comments. However, the truth is that this website uses shady techniques to gain access to your personal information and potentially harm your account.

If you want to avoid being scammed by websites like www igtools net story www.igtools.net, it’s important that you do your research and always be cautious when providing personal information online.

The best way to grow your Instagram following is through organic methods such as creating high-quality content, engaging with other users in your niche and using relevant hashtags. Don’t fall for scams promising quick fixes or easy solutions – they’re likely too good to be true!


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