Why is Blue World City Overseas Block famous?


The blue world city is a unique housing society in Islamabad, Pakistan. It is the first housing community in Pakistan, & provides excellent tourist attractions. Moreover, every investor’s fantasy comes true with its first-rate amenities & attractions. Potential investors are attracted to one of its most attractive blocks, the Blue World City Overseas block. Investors in the real estate sector & those from abroad have the best chance to profit from the best rates on financial investments in this society. Moreover, BWC Overseas Blocks offer profitable investment prospects in the present real estate market. This blog will discuss investment benefits for the blue world city overseas investors, so continue reading.

Investment Benefits of Overseas Investors

Everyone wants & expects dependability, affordability, modernity, comfort, and personal security, no matter where they live. The desire for a house in one’s native nation is constant among foreigners. Because of trust difficulties, some don’t invest in real estate. However, because Blue World City Islamabad is under the control of reputable developers, there are no such problems. This society will soon obtain the NOC. There are numerous benefits for overseas in this society.

Ideal Location

The location of the blue world city is its primary advantage. Additionally, there are unique factors for why the site is the most crucial deciding element. The blue city is a residential area near the Chakri Interchange & newly Rawalpindi Ring Road. Due to its distance from Islamabad, BWC is a popular investment target for most interested investors from the twin cities.

Furthermore, it is possible to drive rapidly toward either city from BWC due to the proximity of Islamabad & Rawalpindi. This location is perfect for investors, whether from Pakistan or overseas. For everyone, both locally & internationally, making this investment in a residential society will be the best move and the most crucial thing to do.

Nearby Landmarks

Here are some landmarks that are close to the community:

  • Rawalpindi
  • Islamabad
  • Defense Housing Authority, Islamabad
  • Capital Smart City
  • Mumtaz City
  • University Town
  • New International Islamabad Airport
  • Bahria Town Phase, Islamabad
  • Saffron City

Accessible Points

Everyone can access society from these points.

  • At Chakri Road & Chakri Interchange
  • Sihal_5 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi Race Club_13 Minutes
  • Parial Hunting Club, Rawalpindi_29 Minutes
  • New Islamabad International Airport_30 Minutes
  • Khanial Homes_32 Minutes
  • Rawalpindi_32 Minutes
  • Islamabad_33 Minutes
  • N-5 National Highway_47 Minutes
  • Bahria Town Islamabad_60 Minutes
  • Saddar_60 Minutes

Superior Facilities & Amenities

Every person requires a house with all the amenities, including water, gas, electricity, close educational facilities, a hospital, and more. It is challenging to have an extensive range of facilities available. There is a mosque, a wide boulevard, a beautiful entrance, high-alert security, parks, pure filtered water, gas, and electrical backup power sources, among other things.

In addition, the project will include critical medical facilities. There will also be educational institutions to provide instruction for students. However, the commercial sector in this civilization consists of the highest calibre shopping centres & cutting-edge commercial complexes. Furthermore, this residential community offers you a range of size options. Finally, now is the perfect opportunity for local & overseas investors to purchase in one of the best housing societies with a developing infrastructure.

Affordable Payment Plan

The payment plan of Blue World City was developed in a highly affordable manner to accommodate different plot sizes and affordability. The residential society payment plan is crucial for real estate investors, overseas or domestic investors. A property acquired at a reasonable price would offer the required benefit. Due to construction, Blue World City price of the overseas block is now modest, but once it is operational, they are anticipated to rise.

Additionally, management provided straightforward instalment choices to make it simpler for consumers & investors from abroad who want to buy real estate. Along with residential & commercial plots, simple payment plans are also offered for fully-built homes & villa complexes.

Secure Community

The investment in BWC is favourable due to the secure and safe investment opportunity. As a result, overseas investors can make financial contributions & reserve their plots without worrying. The management’s first concern is the inhabitants’ safety, though. To further increase security, this residential community will also be gated off. Additionally, 24/7 CCTV cameras have been installed to protect the residents.



Blue World City is a remarkable real estate undertaking built around the core element of friendship between Pakistan and China. The outstanding home development’s Overseas Block in Blue World City has emerged as its apex. Moreover, the block for overseas in this residential society is intended explicitly for Pakistanis living abroad who want to live luxuriously in Pakistan. There were just a few business or commercial & residential bookings in the block overseas, and they offer on a first-come, first-served basis. For overseas Pakistani, BWC provides an easy way to engage in Pakistan & take advantage of the opportunity. This post will demonstrate the significance of this block’s fame.

Blue World City Overseas Block

Blue world residential society is an international-level venture. This housing society provides all the facilities and amenities to the residents. One more addition to this society is the block for the overseas. The partnership mainly creates and designs for people living abroad. The developers of this housing development not only concentrate on the need of the people living here but also consider overseas investors. In addition, Blue World City Overseas Block is famous due to its security, location, flexible payment schedule, luxurious amenities, and many more. Here, we will discuss the reasons why this block is famous.


The management of Blue Environment City has made residents’ safety its top priority because protection is crucial in today’s modern world. Moreover, it is a gated community with complete security, & has an E-ticketing system. In addition, this block contains a separate entrance, a residential section under constant security surveillance, and more. Furthermore, scams are a severe concern for international investors. As a result, this society’s block is the ideal option for investors. It guarantees complete investment security, and investors won’t need to worry about their assets.


Blue World City is the best place to live for people who are not native Pakistanis. Overseas Block situate on Sunset Avenue. Furthermore, it is conveniently located near Chakri Road in a good location in the neighbourhood. The foreground fills with several trees & roads. The importance of this block is also highlighted on the map, and once the new roadway is complete, the valuation of the residential areas will increase rapidly. In addition, this block’s main gate, which connects to Chakri Road, the M-2 Motorway & Rawalpindi Ring Road, is one of its unique features.

Flexible Payment Schedule

Plots are available in Blue World Society Overseas Block for reasonable prices. Moreover, this block’s convenient payment plan gives customers more purchasing and investment power. The recently implemented payment schedule demonstrates this block’s focus on affordability and viability. Moreover, the plots are 7 Marla, 10 Marla, & 14 Marla in size, in addition to 1 Kanal & 2 Kanal. Additionally, the success of all past affluent societies, like Capital Smart City Islamabad, Seven Wonders City Islamabad, and others, has been attributed to the incredibly acceptable payment schedule. Most importantly, the Blue world city payment plan is affordable to low-budget investors. Additionally, this block for overseas is exceptional in drawing investors from all societal categories.

Elegant Features

This block contains Islamic centres and mosques, electricity and gas, educational resources, health facilities, lushly carpeted streets, and more. Furthermore, the blue world city’s block for overseas is also famous due to these elegant features.

  • Parks for Family
  • Exclusive Golf Club
  • Hospital
  • Green Service Area
  • Overseas Lagoon Club
  • E-tag Controlled Entrance
  • 24/7 Security

Luxurious Amenities & Facilities

Every society wants to provide its residents best living. However, The Blue World City Overseas Block explicitly creates for Pakistanis living abroad to enjoy the modern conveniences of life. Within a block of overseas, various-sized plots & residences are designed to build a fully developed master-planned complex. The amenities, jobs, and facilities of any society make life perfect. Blue World City is Pakistan’s first and most excellent city, created exclusively for tourism. The block of overseas is also not an exception from the amenities Blue World City is putting in place. People will have access to top-notch, gorgeous, modern amenities with cutting-edge architecture in this block. As a result, this block for overseas offers numerous benefits for investors.


Blue World City is the only housing society of its kind in the twin cities. Moreover, it has a section designated explicitly for Chinese nationals who plan to come to Pakistan as CPEC progresses & multi-relations grow. Besides BWC, neither gated community now provides luxury amenities to our Chinese visitors. Along with housing Chinese people, a BWC Overseas Block is also being built exclusively for Pakistanis living abroad. The block is being made primarily to meet the demands of Pakistanis living abroad who want to invest & then purchase a residence once they return to Pakistan. Lastly, it has all the benefits of a high-end housing complex.


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