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The oldest and most experienced tow truck platform, which is with you in your tow truck search, serves you with fully equipped auto rescue vehicles., which will be your number one choice for the Anatolian side or the European side in your Istanbul tow truck need, you can call a tow truck for Boat transport, Tire shop, Crane, Motorcycle transport at an affordable price.

You can get a useful service with the nearest tow truck to your vehicle from, which offers a fast and easy towing service experience. In order to get service from our nearest tow truck, it is enough to send the location of your stranded vehicle to our cekici customer service representative. Towing a vehicle with the nearest tow truck means that the tow truck price is cheaper, your business is not interrupted and the day is not lost.

Auto towing service is a job that needs to be done more carefully and meticulously than the service in many sectors. Otherwise, your vehicle may be damaged and you may suffer material and moral damage. No matter what brand and model your vehicle is, it will be in your best interest to do it with tow truck and rescuers who do their job professionally.

Towing service; It is a job that requires attention, skill and experience. In the slightest carelessness or a wrong operation, great damage to life or property may occur.

Tow truck number by provinces and districts on
Tow truck number is one of the most searched words by car owners who are stranded for any reason. When you need a tow truck, you can find auto rescuer numbers in many provinces of Turkey from, which comes up in the word tow truck number you typed in the search engine. You can get auto tow truck service at an affordable price, and after the service you receive, you can rate our tow truck and the quality of the service in a way that can be seen publicly.

Our company, which operates in the service sector, continues its towing service with companies providing professional towing services throughout Turkey and fully equipped rescue vehicles.

Frequently asked questions for towing service
What does a tow truck do?

Towing of defective vehicles: If your vehicle is damaged on the side of the road, the tow truck comes and transports your vehicle to the place you specify. At the end of this transportation process, it may need to be repaired or assisted.

Removal of vehicles that have been involved in an accident: Vehicles damaged as a result of a traffic accident are removed from the scene by a tow truck and taken to the required location.


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