Look out for boston street cleaning

Attention boston street cleaning all Bostonians! It’s that time of year again – the snow is melting, the birds are chirping, and the sun is shining. But with spring comes a not-so-welcome sight: piles of dirt and debris left over from winter. Fear not, for there’s a solution to this annual problem: street cleaning! In this blog post, we’ll dive into why you should be on high alert for Boston street cleaning schedules and how it can benefit your community. So grab your brooms and get ready to sweep away those winter blues!

Boston is a dirty city

Boston is a dirty city. It seems like every other block has someone cleaning something or another. There are also workers out on the streets scrubbing and sweeping. This is all done in preparation for the winter months when the streets will be even dirtier. In addition to street cleaning, there are also people who clean public areas such as subway stations and busy intersections.

Street cleaning in Boston

Street cleaning in Boston typically occurs on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. The City of Boston employs about 2,000 street cleaners who sweep the streets, clean gutters, remove snow, and otherwise maintain public spaces. Many residents take pride in keeping their neighborhoods clean and tidy; others appreciate the fact that the city takes care of its streets.

The City of Boston began using mechanical street sweeping in the late 1800s. In the early days of sweeping, street sweepers used brooms to clean the street. However, with the advent of motorized vehicles and trash cans full of debris, sweeping became more difficult and required more manpower. Today’s street cleaners use a variety of tools to clean the streets: push brooms, front-end loaders equipped with bucket drums and brushes, various types of vacuum cleaners, trucks fitted with giant dustpans called rakes (or shovels), and water cannons.

In addition to regular street cleaning services, the City offers special events such as Spring Cleanup Day (March 16) and Holiday Parade Cleanup Day (December 20). Residents are urged to help out by picking up litter along their way or donating new or gently used clothing or toys to local charities.

When street cleaning is done

Boston street cleaning is a necessary service that helps keep the city clean and organized. The trucks and workers are usually on the streets from 7am to 3pm, with a one-hour break for lunch. The trucks often have rotating routes, so you can always be sure your street will be cleaned.

To make sure your street is picked up during cleaning time, follow these tips:

-Make sure your sidewalks are clear of all debris; leaves, branches, snow, ice, construction materials, etc.
-Make sure no buildings are blocking the truck’s path or obstructing its view; this includes trees (unless they’re in the way of the truck’s bucket), parked cars, or any other objects.
-Report any broken windows or graffiti on buildings to 311 as soon as possible so they can be fixed before the next sweep.
-Be courteous to drivers and pedestrians while they’re working; do not block their access or vandalize their equipment.

How often street cleaning is done in Boston

In Boston, street cleaning is typically done every other day.

What to do if you see street cleaning being done in Boston

If you see street cleaning being done in Boston, be sure to watch for the orange signs that indicate it is happening. Street cleaning can help keep our city clean, and it’s an important part of keeping the public safe.


Street cleaning in Boston can be a bit of a pain, but it’s important to keep your environment clean. If you see any signs that street cleaning is starting, like trash being left on the side of the road, please help us out and report it! We appreciate your cooperation!


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