Getting Around During the Storm

The decision to relocate is not one that is made on the spur of the moment very often.

You probably choose a date weeks – or even months – in advance, and as a result, you are at the mercy of whatever the day’s forecast calls for in terms of the weather.

If the weather report indicates that you are likely to get the short end of the stick, you will want to take a few additional steps to make sure that your relocation goes more smoothly .

The following hints and suggestions can make moving about in the rain much simpler for you.

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Maintain vigilance in monitoring the seven-day forecast.


The forecast is the one thing that may change more quickly than the actual weather itself.

Check the weather forecast once again if you were told a week in advance that there will be clear skies; it’s possible that the prediction has altered as the moving day comes closer.

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When the day of the event draws near, you’ll have a better chance of believing the timings and amounts of precipitation that meteorologists have forecasted.

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Stock up on bin bags


If it rains on moving day, having large garbage bags to put your belongings in will be a lifesaver.

You can waterproof almost anything with very little preparation and very little expense.

Cover each and every item with wrapping.


When faced with the laborious task of packing for a move, it is tempting to get a little bit lazy and just wrap the boxes that contain critical items.

However, there is a good probability that the ones that are not as essential to you will be the ones that you open last in your new house.

When you actually unpack them, you will discover nothing but a mouldy mess if they are the ones that enabled water to get into the package in the first place.

Guard the surfaces of your flooring.


Rainy weather almost always implies strolling through water and mud, regardless of whether you are in your new house or at your old stomping ground.

If you still have some old towels lying around that aren’t being used to wrap your glassware, placing a few of them at each doorway can prevent damage to your flooring.

Items of value that are impervious to water


If you have anything that is really valuable, you shouldn’t put it in the trash bag.

If you give each individual thing its own watertight bag and wrap it in plastic, you can ensure that even your most precious possessions will not be damaged in any way.

Reduce the distances that need to be carried.


When you are really in transportation or when you are putting boxes indoors, the rain is of little consequence.

However, the situation might get chaotic if you attempt to move furniture when it is raining.

If you are able to pull up straight up to the front door, or even into the garage, you will be able to reduce the amount of time that your possessions are exposed to the elements. 


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