Get to know the truth about growing your pot of marijuana.

Need sometimes leads to invention. This phrase may seem true to you, but it appears to be true when you are in immediate need of the drug, but you don’t have any access to it. 


If marijuana is illegal and a scarce and costly drug still you need, you decide to plant it for yourself. For such plans, let’s discuss the truth about growing your pot of marijuana.


It may seem too easy to plant a marijuana pot around you, but it is not that easy to be the owner. The legalization of this plant ownership has been not authorized to others except for medicinal marijuana cardholders.


How can we try to own a pot?


First of all, you need to plant tetrahydrocannabinol, the element which keeps people high. The place where it is to be planted should have at least 12 hours of sunlight and 12 hours of darkness. Marijuana to be planted in the room or a basement will work for marijuana pot.


Special equipment is also required for its plantation, and also they all are available in the market. All sorts of prepackaged items are available in the market. If you plan to make a full-fledged plant of it, you need to have all the necessities that provide them with good weather conditions so as not to face any disappointment later.


A suitable temperature is the primary necessity of these plants; they need cold and warm comfort at the same time. You can use a lamp that holds on above them to give them sunlight, but the room’s temperature should also be cool so that after the lamp gets heated, it does not harm the plant.


Planting marijuana from seed is not a good idea as it has complications related to either male or female seed. It has been observed that female seeds provide the buds and flowers which produce good quality marijuana, and the male seeds are not too beneficial for the smoking purpose.


The other o[ption is to find someone who grows marijuana who can provide you with the clone which has been cut off from the proven plant. The red cardholders can receive the seeds from the medical marijuana centres, and they can provide you with them, but if you don’t know someone with the card, it is a bit difficult for you to get those seeds of good quality.


There are three types of cannabis:


  • Indica: it has higher CBN content which relieves pain and makes you lazy.
  • Sativa: it has the highest psychoactive content, is energizing and provides rational thought. 
  • Ruderalis: it’s a ditch weed found in Europe with low levels of THC.



The truth has been exposed to you in such a way that you need to focus on, and the main points delivered to you are the most essential to you if you aim to own a marijuana plant. The most frequent and relative information regarding owning a pot of marijuana is provided to you on the website of  I love growing marijuana.



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