The Best Tools to Create a Perfect Company Names

A beautiful, sonorous, memorable and easy to pronounce brand name is one of the key elements that predetermine the success of a project. Creating such a name is an interesting, but at the same time difficult task, requiring the participation of many employees of the naming agency or creative studio. The team includes marketers, strategists, copywriters, branding specialists, etc. At the preliminary stage, a study of the market, the target audience, the product, etc. is conducted. Then a pool of names is formed, consisting of hundreds of words associated with the brand or product, letting potential customers browse online pokies in New Zealand or search for movies easier. All unsuitable words are sifted out and a final list is made. At the final stage, the customer makes the final choice.

In a perfect world, the process of developing a name would look exactly as described above. But, unfortunately, we live in a reality that is far from being perfect. It often happens that due to lack of funds at the start of the project or for other reasons, entrepreneurs are forced to come up with the name of the company or product on their own. And in this they are ready to help numerous naming-generators, with the help of which you can create a brand name. Here is an overview of several apps and services.


An easy to use but interesting naming service. It generates a name and a domain name at the same time, and illustrates the naming with a logo. One of the important features is a large number of categories: clothing, communication, environment, seniors, education, leisure, music, transportation, etc. Besides selecting a category, you can also set keywords. However, the generated names are often irrelevant to the topic anyway.


The app allows you to specify the association words as well as the desired number of letters. But that’s not all. The user can set the stylistic requirements for the brand name. For example, choose a brand name that corresponds to the idea of the business, or a neologism formed by merging two words. There are other style options as well. It’s worth noting, however, that the choice of naming filters is a bit confusing.


Several thematic generators, united on one site. Here you can find a name for a restaurant, business, construction project, music band, pharmaceutical product, etc. Until recently, the site had a forum where it was possible to communicate with more experienced users and get help from the project participants. In November 2021, it was decided to close it. However, all the topics are preserved and are in the public domain. They can be viewed and used as a piggy bank of knowledge.

Generator Online

A simple, straightforward, but quite effective application for generating a brand name. At the same time it offers other features: random number generator, password generation, etc. It is interesting, that the service allows to specify the sphere of activity. For example, for companies working in the food industry, you can choose a category not just “Products”, but “Fish”, “Meat”, etc. At the same time, this tool generates from two to four names (the number is adjusted manually with a slider).


A free naming service that generates names based on specified keys. Besides the brand name, the service offers to create a domain. With his help, you can build a website or online store on your own, without any programming skills or knowledge of design.

Brand Bucket

Tool for brand or product name development. The application is paid, there is no trial generation. But there are advantages. First, you can create nyms both from scratch and using keywords. Secondly, it’s worth noting a lot of filters. You can use them to select names by area of activity of the company, by product category, as well as creative, catchy, short, modern, etc. All of this can be set before generation and get a list of names that match the preferences of a particular user. Brand Bucket has package deals. For example, you can buy not only a manually generated and tested for uniqueness name but also a logo. The average cost of such packages is $2,500 to $3,000, but there are cheaper/expensive offers as well.

Play Name

An interesting naming generator based on artificial intelligence. The free version has the ability to create a name in different languages. In the paid version, the number of languages is increased to twenty. Offers both neologisms and word combinations of two or three words.

This free tool is easy enough to work. The user is only required to specify the direction of the company and list a few nouns and adjectives related to the product. The paid section offers more tools, so it may take time to explore all the possibilities.


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