samsung a10 cardholder cases

Samsung Galaxy A10 Case Elegance Book

The Elegance Book for the samsung a10 cardholder cases (SM-A105F) is an elegant book-type case that is designed to protect your smartphone and screen from scratches and dirt. Even if the phone is dropped, the magnetic lock will prevent the display from being damaged by outside forces and will keep the phone’s cover on even if it is opened. With just one simple click, you will be able to open the case and gain access to all of the essential features of your phone. The opening is straightforward, simple, and uncomplicated.

The samsung a10 cardholder cases

You can take pictures whenever you like thanks to the slots on the back of the case. That are designed for the camera and the flash. Because the front of the case features cutouts for the speaker, you will be able to continue talking on the phone even when the case is closed. On the inside is a card pocket that has a system that is both quick. And a stand with little effort, you can use your phone in an upright position without being uncomfortable.


  • PU leather case in the form of a book, with a silicone TPU case inside.
  • Card holder on the inside
  • Lock with a magnet
  • Positioning in the stand spaces designated for the camera and flashlight
  • Maintain regular phone contact, even after the investigation has been completed.
  • A straightforward device for removing cards from a deck.
  • The compatible device (SM-A105F) is the samsung a10 cardholder cases
  • PU leather is the material.
  • The pattern is leather scuff imitation.

Product details

Material Characteristics:

Excellent material with a PU leather that has a pleasant feel to it.

A samsung a10 cardholder cases for Wallets Have on hand a convenient pouch with a zipper, as this will allow you to store a significant amount of cash or coins.

Phone Covering Card slots and a money pocket were also included (for credit cards, IDs, etc.). In addition to cash, this excellent case provides a lot of storage space. With the wristlet strap, it is possible to use it anywhere with ease and convenience due to the simple access it provides. It is extremely lovely and convenient to have.

Phone Covering It has the ability to quickly transform into a stand case for watching videos and sending messages. It is not possible to remove the casing that is found within.

Package Lists:

  • 1xCase for the Dteck
  • 1 wrist strap
  • 9 card slots are built-in.
  • The bag, which comes with a shoulder strap
  • Zipper Purse

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