Know All The Things About Custom Washi Tape Printing

Custom washi tape printing is the best way to make your company stand out. With so many options available, you can find the perfect design for your company or event. It’s also an awesome way of showing off your personality and having fun. In addition, you can use it for organizing, decorating, and gifting.

About Custom Washi Tape Printing

There are many things to know about custom washi tape printing to get the best results. First of all, you should know the best washi tape manufacturer. After that, choose the right size and shape of washi tape. There are many different sizes and shapes available, so it is important to select the one that best fits the project. After that, I learned how to print on washi tape. There are many different printing methods available, so selecting the one that best fits the project is important. Also, you need to know how to apply the washi tape. Again, there are many different ways to apply the washi tape, so it is important to select the one that best fits the project.

You need to check out all the details. If you’re interested in custom washi tape printing, there are a few things to consider. First and foremost, what do you want your custom washi tape to say? Does it need to be unique? Will the message be printed on two different pieces of tape? How many characters can fit in one line? Is there room left over at the end of the word or sentence that needs space for more text, almost like an exclamation point? These questions will help determine how much space is needed for each word or phrase.

Next, think about how much time it would take for me to print out all these words and phrases onto some new rolls of sticky paper. You could use them later down the road when my customers request their orders shipped out quickly without delay. Every business owner should always have plenty of extra rolls ready.

Printing Technology

Below we explore the printing that washi tape manufacturer use:

Offset printing

This is the most common method of printing custom washi tape. It involves transferring a design onto paper or fabric using an offset press and inkjet printer. The code for this process is called “offset” because it creates an image on a piece of paper by pressing ink under heat and pressure to transfer it onto another surface. It is like a special stencil that you can use with an offset machine.

This process works well when you want to print small quantities of items such as name tags or business cards. Still, if you need high-quality printing, you may have better luck trying digital printing!

Digital Printing

This type of custom washi tape printing uses computer technology. Instead of being created manually by pressing ink onto paper like with offset, digital machines produce images directly into computer files. Which are then printed out onto vinyl rolls using lasers or other methods, depending upon what kind.

What Kinds Of Materials Can You Print?

There are so many different types of paper that can be used for printing, and each has its unique benefits. Cotton paper is one of the most popular types of paper for printing. It’s made from 100% cotton fibers, which gives it a natural smoothness and texture. Cotton paper is also very absorbent, so it’s ideal for inkjet printers.

Plastic wood is another popular type of paper for printing. It’s made from 100% recycled plastic and wood fibers, so it’s environmentally friendly. Plastic wood is also very smooth and has a natural wood grain texture.

Walnut paper is a premium type of paper that’s made from 100% walnut fibers. It has a beautiful dark color and a natural wood grain texture. Walnut paper is also very strong and durable.

Birch paper is another premium type made from 100% birch fibers. It has a beautiful light color and a natural wood grain texture. Birch paper is also very strong and durable.

  • Cotton
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Wood (walnut, birch, maple)
  • Canvas

Canvas is a great alternative to leather if you’re looking for something that will last longer and not get damaged as easily.

Can I Use Washi Tape For A Long Run?

You can order as many rolls of custom washi tape as you need. The longer the run, the higher the discount will be. There are no minimum quantities for long runs and no maximums either. Just get your custom washi tape printed in bulk! If you’re looking at a large number of orders, more than 100, don’t hesitate to get in touch with vograce so they can discuss pricing options with you directly.

Can I Get a Sample First?

A free sample is always a good thing. It lets you test the quality of work and get a feel for how it will look on your project, which means fewer headaches later in the process. Some online stores offer samples if you want a bulk order. You can ask them to show the sample of related work.

Are There Any Artwork Requirements for Washi Tape Printing?

  • The file type should be in vector format.
  • It should be a PDF or AI (Adobe Illustrator) file.
  • The artwork should be in CMYK color space, with 300 dpi resolution, and saved as a .eps or .ai file that you can open with Adobe Photoshop.

How Much Does it Cost for Custom Washi Tape?

The cost of custom washi tape printing depends on the quantity and size of your order. The cost of printing also varies depending on how many colors you want to use and the type of material being printed on. Once you approve the proof, they’ll print your design on the washi tape.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the custom Washi Tape Printing process and are inspired to take your design idea and make it a reality.


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