I Tried Sofwave on My Face and Neck—Here are My Honest Thoughts

Write in your schedule: When you turn 50, you will see your neck. You might in all likelihood never have allowed it a subsequent look, however out of the blue, considerations about your neck will begin to occupy more room in your cerebrum. You will ask yourself when those even “accessory” lines arrived. You will squeeze your neck’s sensitive skin and can’t help thinking about why it doesn’t adjust back properly. You’ll wind up visiting with companions about your neck, and they’ll need to discuss their necks, as well.

My nosy neck considerations drove me to attempt Sofwave. The in-office gadget utilizes a type of ultrasound to reconstruct your skin’s steady collagen and elastin filaments without influencing the outer layer of your skin. It tends to be utilized to lift skin that is as of now begun to droop or keep the listing from starting in any case. While I wouldn’t agree that I’m moving toward cosmetic touch an up area, I’m conclusively not pre-listing.

I chose to plan an encounter with dermatologist Dr. Blair Murphy Rose — the Sofwave Whisperer for the vast majority excellence editors. I likewise had a long visit with plastic specialist Dr. Yael Halaas and her aesthetician, Brittany Blancato, about the painless treatment. Peruse on to perceive how my kid face fared.


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Dr. Blair Murphy Rose, MD, FAAD, is a board-ensured dermatologist rehearsing in New York City and the Hamptons. She is a cultivated corrective, clinical, and careful dermatologist gaining practical experience in driving edge facial restoration methods.
Dr. Yael Halaas, MD, FACS, is a twofold board-guaranteed plastic specialist rehearsing in New York City and Westchester. She as of now is the director of Emerging Trends and Technology for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.
Brittany Blancato is a sought-after aesthetician at Dr. Halaas’ training and a prepared Softwave expert; she’s refined the pores of numerous a VIP.

What is Sofwave?

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Sofwave utilizes Synchronous Ultrasound Parallel Beam (SUPERB™) innovation to produce heat 1.5mm beneath the skin’s surface, in the dermal layer of skin, where collagen is made. “The intensity causes a designated physical issue that sets off an extremely strong increase in collagen creation and fixes the current collagen strands, giving the skin a lift,” makes sense of Murphy Rose. “The outer layer of the skin is unaffected, just like the fat and the nerves.”

As well as treating the scarcely discernible differences and kinks on the face, Sofwave was as of late FDA cleared to lift eyebrows, under the jawline, and the neck. 80% of clinical preliminary patients saw improvement in 12 weeks.

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Advantages of Sofwave

Lessens barely recognizable differences and kinks on the face
Lifts eyebrows
Further develops laxity of skin under the jaw and on the neck
Brings about 12 weeks and, episodically, in the span of multi week, also
Fast, decent strategy
No free time
“Sofwave is incredible for somebody such as yourself who’s not a contender for a facelift,” Dr. Murphy Rose carefully told me, “yet everybody can utilize a collagen help. Collagen is the really primary protein of the skin, and it helps keep everything where we need it, yet we lose around 1% of our collagen each year. Sofwave is an extraordinary method for reestablishing that collagen.”

The formation of new collagen and rebuilding of existing collagen becomes observable around 12 weeks post-treatment. All things considered, Dr. Murphy Rose is likewise finding her patients have even faster delight: “Each understanding I’ve treated with this gadget has let me know they’ve seen a fixing impact soon.”

Sofwave can likewise create that pursued grabbed look. “My patients in their 30s actually have a little child fat on their countenances however need to look super-characterized,” says Dr. Hallas. “Sofwave gives them a more etched facial structure and more characterized cheekbones without eliminating the fat from their countenances that they will need later.”

The most effective method to Prepare for Sofwave

There’s no extraordinary groundwork for Sofwave. Assuming you are inclined to mouth blisters, you’ll need to pre-treat that day with valacyclovir to forestall a flare-up (this goes for essentially any energy-based treatment). Another memorable thing: Some suppliers don’t really want to infuse neurotoxin or fillers 48 hours prior or after Sofwave, so don’t anticipate getting “the works” that day.

What’s in store During Sofwave

I’m at the age where pretty much every treatment I do at the dermatologist requires desensitizing first, and Sofwave is no exemption. I sat for around 30 minutes with a desensitizing compound all around my face and neck so the intensity created by the ultrasound waves wouldn’t make me jump during the therapy. At Dr. Halaas’ training, they offer Pro-Nox (giggling gas) to bring some relief during the treatment. The Sofwave gadget is likewise furnished with a cooling plate that sits against the skin during the treatment to keep the skin’s surface from getting excessively hot.

Subsequent to eliminating the desensitizing cream, Dr. Murphy Rose applied ultrasound gel to my face and neck, which made a connection between the skin and the ultrasound transducer to direct the energy. “We have seven transducers working at the same time, so we can cover a decent measured region,” Dr. Murphy Rose made sense of. She showed me the handpiece for the gadget and afterward held it to my face for the primary impact. The intensity comes on as a sluggish form: first nothing, then warmth, and similarly as you’re arriving where it will be excessively, you’re finished. And afterward you continue on toward the following spot. Throughout the previous two seconds of every seven-second stretch, I wound up smacking my hands against my thighs (my rendition of pressing a soft ball), yet never did I feel like I needed to tap out. The meeting required around 30 minutes for my entire face and neck.

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There are things I like about this photograph: my lashes are rockin’, and my cleavage looks pretty peppy. However, zoom in, and you’ll see a sprinkle of a twofold jaw (I’m almost certain it’s skin, not fat) and some packing of the skin on my neck.

After Sofwave

After 90 days: Look at my neck: It’s smooth, and the little under-jawline smooshiness is gone, as well. As Dr. Murphy Rose guaranteed, in something like seven days of my Sofwave treatment, my jaw, cheekbones, and facial structure looked more honed. It took somewhat longer to see a distinction in the skin of my neck, yet it’s certainly smoother now. Blancato says: “I’ve had patients messaging me fourteen days out being like, ‘Good gracious, this is astonishing.’ By the fourth week, I’ll hear, ‘I believe something’s occurring, however I can’t determine what.’ By the time they hit 60 days, it’s more similar to, ‘Wow, who’s this?’ They love what they find in the mirror.”

Sofwave versus Ultherapy

Sofwave is like Ultherapy, a ultrasound treatment that additionally focuses on the face and neck. In Ultherapy, the ultrasound waves enter to three unique profundities: 1.5mm (where Sofwave likewise goes about its responsibilities), 3.0mm, and 4.5mm, infiltrating through to fat, nerves, and shallow solid tissue. This has its pluses and minuses: Ultherapy can fix muscle tissue notwithstanding skin, as would occur on a more fantastic scope in a facelift. The drawback is Ultherapy can sting, even with desensitizing and Pro-Nox.

As Blancato makes sense of, Ultherapy is more supplier subordinate than Sofwave. “I’ve done so many Ultherapy medicines, and it so dreary,” she chuckles. “You can’t have excessively or too little gel; you must have the ideal tension and contact with the skin; everything must be really great.” Sofwave, she says, is “more like a simple to use gadget.”

Expected Side Effects

Sofwave’s clinical investigations showed no unfavorable impacts, and that was my experience, too. On the off chance that you’re inclined to hyperpigmentation or are taking drug, a Sofwave treatment might make you more vulnerable to hyperpigmentation (similarly as with any intensity delivering skin therapy). You ought to tell your supplier about any worries before treatment.

The Cost

The cost of Sofwave relies upon the area treated and the area of your supplier. In New York City, in the event that you need a temple lift, it’ll cost about $1200. Simply under your jaw? About $800. The full face and neck will run somewhere in the range of $3500 and $4500.


“Sofwave has zero personal time,” says Dr. Murphy Rose. “Patients might have a little pinkness during the treatment, yet it’s gone when you leave the workplace.” As soon as my treatment was finished, I went into the women’s space to put on cosmetics — I had an occasion to go to following my meeting — and my BB cream was all that could possibly be needed to level out any post-treatment blotchiness.

The Final Takeaway

Since my treatment three months prior, it seems like all my excellence proofreader amigos are trying (and cherishing) Sofwave. A second round of Sofwave can be considered at the three-month point. While I don’t think I essentially need it, I need it! What’s more, this is the way I realize my outcomes aren’t some self-influenced consequence: A month prior, I ran into a my partner’s age. I found her looking at my neck. I swear it’s not strange — it’s exactly what we 50-somethings do. “Have you had work done?” she inquired. “No blades, just Sofwave,” I told her and expeditiously DM’d her Dr. Murphy Rose’s number.


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