Four Common Causes Pedestrian Accidents Happen in Stockton

Pedestrian accidents can occur in Stockton due to a pedestrian’s failure to check the crosswalk. But the majority of distractions that lead to pedestrian accidents are often on the driver’s part. A lot of these accidents result from the failure of drivers to take safety precautions to prevent an accident from happening. Thus, even if pedestrians obey traffic rules and use marked crosswalks, they still get struck by negligent motorists. If you are a victim of this driver, Click here to know your options for seeking compensation. Below are the most common causes of pedestrian accidents:

Distracted Driving

Before the cell phone, other forms of distractions divide a careless driver’s attention while on the road every day. These include passengers, food, newspapers, radios, and surrounding traffic. But today, the number of driver distractions continues to increase. Drivers today may not be able to focus on the road if they use their smartphones and other electronic devices.

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Sometimes, even drivers who follow general road rules can go beyond the speed limit. However, the faster a driver goes the longer it takes them to stop and the more difficult for them to react to obstacles. This is the reason the speed limit in areas with lots of pedestrians is low.

Not Yielding Right of Way

Every pedestrian in Stockton has the right of way in a lot of scenarios, especially at crosswalks. However, many motorists do not yield as they expect pedestrians to stop for them. Others fail to check for pedestrians before they drive or are just ignorant of the laws. Regardless, they put pedestrians at risk of life-threatening injuries. Accidents that can happen because of this behavior can result from aggressive or reckless driving.

Unfavorable Structures

Although steps have been taken to make the city walkable, it is a diverse place. Limited crosswalks, poor lighting, and dense traffic can be problems for pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. Many streets may still do not have sidewalks and only a few walk signals for pedestrians. Limited lighting makes it difficult for motorists to see pedestrians clearly at night.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, you may be left with painful injuries, serious trauma, and an unexpected income loss. Because of this, you should seek help from a pedestrian accident attorney to protect yourself as well as seek compensation for your injuries and losses. Your attorney will collect vital evidence to prove your case.


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