Hyderabad city is based within the second-biggest metropolitan location in the province of Sindh after Karachi. Both of those cities also are just a distance of 140 kilometers from each other. The development of the Karachi-Hyderabad M9 Motorway has fundamentally added to the comfort of people who often travel between Hyderabad and Karachi for employment and educational purposes. All these factors are some of the main reasons for the real estate significance of the town. Property construction in Hyderabad and its suburbs has picked up the tempo in current years. Many well-deliberate housing societies and rental complexes are presently under construction, which shows that the town’s real property marketplace is constantly developing. Buy plot in Capital Smart City.


Let’s look at the most renowned localities among home hunters in Hyderabad.

  • Hyderabad Bypass:

Falling within the region of Qasimabad, Hyderabad Bypass is one of the maximum critical expressways inside the city. Since it’s situated right after Karachi鈥揌yderabad Motorway and Jamshoro Road, it has become a hotspot of real estate development lately. There are numerous private and business projects as of now under construction here. Moreover, the bypass is surrounded by some of the most famous localities with houses for sale in Hyderabad. So, without a problem, you may spot brand new and old, developed housing units close to Hyderabad Bypass if you’re making plans to spend money on a 120 square yd. Residence close to Hyderabad Bypass requires preparing a budget ranging from PKR 50 lakh to 1.2 crores and investing in a 250 square yd. Home in the area could cost you extra as it accompanies a typical value scope of PKR 1.2 crore to 2.2 crores. Large-sized residential devices like 500 square yds. Houses aren’t common within the vicinity.

  • Isra Village:

One of the newest housing traits in Hyderabad, Isra Village, is gaining the attention of homebuyers within the city. People are looking for homes in this precise society, and it has emerged as one of the pinnacle places to purchase homes in Hyderabad. It is a well-planned residential scheme with homes and plots. Like many different new real estate developments, it is situated on the city’s outskirts. However, the project’s location is convenient for the commuters as it’s directly connected to National Highway N-5. Invest in Lahore Smart City.

While exploring your alternatives to purchase a residence in Isra Village, you would likely come across recently constructed residential devices as the society itself isn’t always very vintage. The average rate of homes within the project is between PKR 2 and 4 crores.

  • Latifabad:

Latifabad is one of the busiest neighborhoods in Hyderabad, as observed in its suburbs. It is divided into more than one division, known as units, and is home to several famous town colonies. Connected to Autobahn Road, a useful freeway of Hyderabad, Latifabad is domestic to many famous eateries and traditional cafes. It has a giant network of streets running all through it, making it simpler for people to navigate through the place. Another element that adds to the significance of Latifabad is that it’s only some kilometres away from the River Indus, which is certainly one of the largest vacationer attractions within the vicinity.

The New City Paradise has a massive range of residential areas on the market with specific prices, depending on their kinds and sizes. For example, a 120 square yd. The bungalow has a price range starting from PKR 50 lakh, going to as much as PKR 2.6 crores. Similarly, a 240 square yd. Residence in Latifabad usually ranges between PKR 1 crore and PKR 4.5 crores, whereas the average fee of a 500 square yd. House is around PKR 8 to 10 crores.

  • Qasimabad:

Qasimabad is in the western area of the city. This community has also to be your precedence when hunting for a house on the market in Hyderabad. It is a huge-scale region based on many old and new localities with extraordinary facilities like public parks, well-paved roads, buying facilities, and leisure centers like Rani Bagh Zoo. Mehran University of Engineering and Technology can also be a few minutes away from you if you plan to move to Qasimabad.

When looking to purchase a house in Qasimabad, you may encounter many unique expenses, including the cost of a 120 square yd. House here begins from around PKR 75 lakh to 1.8 crores. Similarly, the charge of a 240 square yd. Residence in Qasimabad stages between PKR 1.3 crore and PKR 3.2 crore. Moreover, the common rate range of 500 square yds. House here is around PKR 4 to 6 crores. Buy properties in Kingdom Valley Islamabad .

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