Cocktail Class Hens Party in Perth

If you’re planning a hens party in Perth, men on fire are the go to team to get your Bride laughing, smiling and having a fantastic party. With over 20,000 happy Partiers across the country, you’re in safe hands with the firemen.

The most popular hens party activity in Perth is a cocktail class Perth for your bride. This brings everything to your house or hotel to get the group shaking. You shake up a twist on classic cocktails with our signature super fun hens party recipes collaborated with Billson’s. Not only do we bring absolutely everything, we bring hens games so that we can entertain and break the ice on your Bride’s special day.

If you need a space to host this in Perth, you can hire a private studio, house or hotel so we can bring everything to you. We offer both a classic or fireman experience where we can tailor how relaxed, fun or wild the cocktail class is.

Not only do we provide cocktail classes in Perth, but we can also bring life drawing to your hens party planning. The best part about our life drawing is that we surprise your bride dressed as a firefighter, but we aren’t a stripper! We arrive with everything for your bride to get drawing with the perfect amount of laughs, games and memories.

Wondering how you plan a hens party in Perth? We suggest you choose a date first and then get a rough idea on guest numbers and budget. We always suggest asking your Bride if she has any requests, as that will make sure she loves what you are planning. If you want a more cheeky hens vibe, that’s where we suggest our life drawing. However, if you prefer a classic hens party experience that is where we suggest our cocktail making class.

Wondering how much you should budget? We generally suggest $100-300 per person covers a fantastic hens party. On the lower end, it just means you as the organiser will need to do much more planning and purchasing yourself. If you’re prepared to spend a bit more, that’s where you can start including transport, dinner, drinks and the hens entertainment such as the life drawing or cocktail class.

Who do we invite to the hens party? This is where ideally your Bride will have a list in mind but sometimes the bride does appreciate a total surprise and you organise everything. We always suggest including extended family at least for some part of the hens day, such as the lunch and the cocktail class. The mum and nan usually won’t want to head out to the nightclub at the end, but they don’t want to miss out on the entire day so don’t discount them completely in the hens planning. You might be surprised that Nan has by far the most fun of any of the guests and appreciates a fantastic night out!

What about outside Perth CBD? There are some absolutely stunning locations around Western Australia. We can come anywhere within 1-2 hours of Perth. Fremantle has some stunning locations and beaches so don’t be apprehensive to book a beautiful weekend away for your bride and we can come to you. Just be prepared to have your guests increase the budget to cover the accommodation costs

Do we pay for the Bride? We generally suggest that you add a few dollars per person on top of the budget to cover the Bride’s cost, unless you as the organiser feel like covering her costs yourself. Guests are expecting to receive a per person cost that includes her amount distributed though, so don’t feel the pressure to add her to your personal bill.

Why Men On Fire? Because we know fun! We are the only cocktail class company that only does hens parties. We do them well and tailor them exactly to your Bride’s vibe and request. So get in touch!


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