8 Ball Pool Best Legendary Cues + How You Can Get Them

A powerful cue in 8 Ball Pool can increase the chances of victory in every match of 8 Ball Pool. Even though it sounds a bit far from reality, playing 8 Ball in a digital game makes all the legendary cosmetics worth spending 8 Ball Pool cash. So we have brought you a complete guide on how to get the best legendary cues in 8 Ball Pool with complete information about them.

3 Best 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues

Below we have compiled a list of the best legendary cues in 8 Ball Pool that are the most rare and high in-demand to get your hands on in the game.

1. 8 Ball Pool Archon Cue

Archon Cue is the top of the line among the 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues that offers 10 full points of force combined with 9 spin points. Statistically, it’s the best cue in 8 Ball Pool and for sure the most cool looking one with the neon blue lights. Moreover, the cue has 8 aim points and 8 time points attached to it as well. Unlocking this beauty would be one of the best moments for a player in 8 Ball Pool.

2. 8BP Archangel Cue

The 8 Ball Pool Archangel Cue is the second best among the 8 Ball Pool Legendary cues, with an outlook of something straight out of medieval times. Arguably, some players consider Archangel as the best 8 Ball Pool cue in the game, offering 9 force points, 9 aim points, 8 spin points, and 8 time points in terms of stats. Unlocking this cue is quite difficult, and it’s rarely found in the legendary boxes. So, if you are curious to get your hands on this 8 BP cue, you can buy an 8 Ball Pool account for sale with the Archangel Cue.

3.Galaxy Cue

Galaxy Cue is one of those 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues that can be bought for cash. The 8 Ball Pool Galaxy Cue is considered one of the most expensive cues in the 8 Ball Pool that categorizes in the class of black hole cues when it comes to price. The Galaxy Cue 8 Ball Pool offers 9 force points, 8 aim points, 9 spin points, and 8 time points. With the 9 points on force and spin stats, this cue is worth spending the cash for to win tournaments like a pro.

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How to Get 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues?

Finding the Legendary Cues in 8 ball pools depends on their rarity. There are over 10 legendary cues in 8 Ball Pool which can be unlocked by following ways.

  • Legendary Special Offers to buy 8 Ball Pool cues for 8 Ball Cash.
  • Spin the Wheel to win 8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues.
  • Victory Boxes to discover legendary cues that you get after winning a match.

8 Ball Pool Legendary Cues make the game more challenging and fun to play even after all these years of release. The rarity and cosmetics of the cues alone are enough to make players want them with much of an effort. Hopefully, this article has guided you well on how to unlock the legendary cues in 8 Ball


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