5 Things to Know About 2012 MacBook Pro Battery

Is your MacBook Pro battery draining too fast or not lasting more than a couple of hours? When this happens, the main reason is that the battery is not able to hold a charge for longer. If you are facing issues with the battery, you are in the right place. 

In this article, we will discuss how you can find out if there is a problem with the 2012 MacBook Pro battery and how to troubleshoot it. 

How Long Does Apple MacBook Pro 2012 Battery Last?

Apple’s battery estimate for all MacBook Pro models mid-2012 non-Retina Display is up to seven hours, regardless of the display size. The battery life is determined using pre-production versions and varies based on use and configuration. As the Mac ages, the battery starts to degrade, and the battery life decreases. 

Since batteries degrade with time anyhow, you may not get your whole eight hours’ worth of work out of a single charge. If you are not getting an adequate amount of battery life, it needs to be replaced. Turn off the computer when not working, and turn on the device carefully. To learn more about how to turn on Mac desktop computers, you may visit online articles. 

How To Check MacBook Pro Battery Status?

To view the current status of the battery, press down the Alt + Option keys together. Click on the battery charge icon displayed at the top right side of the screen. At the top of the menu, next to Condition, you will see either of the four battery statuses, including Normal, Replace Soon, Replace Now, and Service Battery. 

Normal status indicates that your MacBook has a healthy battery which is quite not possible in the current situation since you are checking it on MacBook 2012. Even though it says Replace Soon, you don’t have to replace it right away. Keep the charger plugged in and use your MacBook as long as it allows you to do that. 

However, if your MacBook shows Replace Now or Service Battery as the battery status, it may be time to get a new one. In that case, you must replace the 2012 MacBook Pro battery as soon as possible to keep the device in working condition. To avoid the sudden drain of the battery, you can try a few workaround methods. 

Does MacBook Pro 2012 Have a Removable Battery?

It’s not easy to change the battery in a MacBook model released around the middle of 2012. MacBook 2009 and later versions of MacBooks come with non-removable batteries that are hard to detach. Still, you may always drop into the Apple Center, explain the problem, and get some help from the folks there.

If the battery is glued in by the manufacturer, it is advised not to remove it by yourself. Doing so runs the risk of irreparably harming the gadget. Well, if you are looking to replace the battery, speak with experts, read online articles, or watch videos to understand if it is worth spending on a 2012 MacBook. Also, you can calibrate your MacBook battery.

How to Calibrate MacBook Battery?

The MacBook battery needs to be calibrated time and again to maintain the onscreen battery time. This also helps in keeping the MacBook’s battery at peak performance. This is often practical in older versions as the batteries in newer models are optimized to deliver the best performance. 

By resetting the SMC (System Management Controller), you can roll back hardware settings to default. Your MacBook then re-evaluates the hardware, including the battery, from scratch. The battery is less likely to display inaccurate status. If you decide to reset the SMC, make sure to quit all apps and turn off the device properly. 

What to Do to Improve MacBook Battery Life?

You may get more use out of your older Apple MacBook battery by following a few simple recommendations. As a first step, make it a routine to shut down your MacBook after you’re done using it for the day. You should restart your MacBook every three days to free up resources and lower the amount of power used by active programs. 

Other than that, reduce the brightness to an optimal value as a bright screen consumes more battery. Nonetheless, make sure the screen is easy on the eyes. Login elements may be disabled together with background apps to save battery life. Moreover, close unnecessary apps and delete them if no longer needed. 

The Conclusion 

Today’s MacBooks come with innovative technology, so it’s easy to optimize devices as per requirements. With 2012 MacBooks, you are dealing with technology that may not be easily available in the market. So, there’s nothing much you can try with the older versions except a few workaround methods.
It is recommended that you get in touch with or go to your local Apple Store if you are having technical difficulties with your 2012 MacBook, such as battery life or other concerns. It is worth knowing that with the launch of macOS Big Sur, Apple discontinued software support for all the versions of 2012 Macs, so keep that in mind before investing in hardware replacement.


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